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Texas Elite Classic

07.26 - 07.27
-The primary objectives of Houston Elite are to organize and administer a highly competitive "after-season" basketball program for girls the ages of 12 to 18; to field competitive girls basketball teams in each age level of competition in regional and national basketball tournaments sponsored by one or more of national basketball organizations selected by coaches; to provide an environment for each player to develop and to maximize her individual basketball skills; and to provide a forum for qualified players to display their abilities to college scouts for various national tournaments in order to compete for basketball athletic scholarships.

Extra Mile Multi-Sport Camp Session 2

07.31 - 08.03 09:00 am - 01:00 pm
MAX CAMPERS:  60 GRADES:   1st - 5th When it comes to Sports Camp, wee are not aiming to make our campers into the next pro superstar; we just want our campers to have a ton of fun playing a variety of sports, while learning something new about it at the same time. Camp t-shirt, achievement awards, thorough instruction, demonstrations, daily competitions, outstanding coaching staff, individual attention, highly organized instruction, and evaluation on fundamentals with lots of personal attention is what Extra Mile Camps offer. DAY 1- SOCCER The day is filled with a variety of activities to promote correct soccer technique including: small-sided games to encourage personal involvement and enhance the understanding of team concepts; technical and ball mastery skills sessions; shooting drills; group pool time and much more. DAY 2 - BASKETBALL Basketball Skills and Drills, Rules and Traditions of Basketball, Fitness and Safety Concepts and Character Development. Drills will develop hand-to-eye coordination DAY 3 - VOLLEYBALL Campers are trained in all the basic fundamentals of volleyball â?? including serving, position work, match play and technique. DAY 4 - GAME DAY Game day, means fun day.  Dodgeball, Kickball and other games will be play.