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Hoop School

What is Hoop School?

HTX Gym and HTX Hoops are committed to improving basketball players in the surrounding area.  Our “The Extra Mile Starts Here” motto champions the belief that to be the best possible basketball player, one must do much more than their peers.  Our membership is a complete training program that enables our members to have access to highly experienced and effective trainers.  The variety of classes offered will help players develop into well rounded players.  Choose from Member and Non-Member classes or Individual training.


Non-Member Classes

  • Pay as you go Classes

Individual Training

  • Individual private lessons are available.
  • Discounts on Camps, Clinics and Special Events

Hoop School Membership

  • All of the above and ..
  • Members only classes
  • (Beginner – Closed)
  • (Intermediate – Closed)
  • (Advanced – Closed)
  • (Elite – Closed)


What is my financial commitment?

Hoop School for individual membership are as followed:  $120 per month.

Non-Member Classes: $20 per class

Monthly for all classes and open gym hours. The 1st month is pro-rated and a recurring payment begins on the 1st of the following month.

How long is the membership?

All contracts are signed for a 3-month period, during which time it cannot be cancelled. At the end of the contract period, the membership is automatically renewed monthly.

What Classes can a member attended?

Members can attend any class that meets their skill level.  The HTX Gym training staff will determine the skill level of each member and thus the classes which they should attend.

How do I sign-up for Class?

Upon registering you will be sent a link to your personalized portal. In this portal, you will be allowed to add/drop classes and personal training.

How large are the classes?

Gun Club classes will be 6 people per gun.  Other classes will 10 or more, however, to maintain the individual attention that Hoop School is based on, each group will have, at minimum, 1 coach per 10 participants.

What if a class gets full?

We will continually try to find a balance between the classes we have scheduled and the number of members wanting to attend, however, some classes may get fully booked.  If we find that the demand for a class is particularly, we will add additional classes or add more trainers to that class and raise the maximum amount of members that can attend.

What is the Gun Club?

The Gun Club keeps track of shot attempts on the Shoot-a-way machine.  The shoot-a-way machine maximizes shot attempts. Member attempts will be tracked and upon reaching certain levels, glory will be bestowed upon them.

  • 10,000 Shot Club – Special T-shirt Reserved Just for Gun club members
  • 50,000 Shot Club – Personalized Brick in Front of Gym entryway
  • 100,000 Shot Club – Banner that hangs in the gym

Members can get shots up in the designated Gun Club classes or rent the machine in 30-minute blocks at discounted price.   Click to see Gun Club leaders

Who will be teaching the classes?

We have a very competent staff. All class staff have years of experienced training and coaching.



The Gun Club

Coach led shooting classes designed to get up as many shots as possible utilizing the Shootway 800 Gun, a shooting machine.  Class is limited to 6 participants per gun to maximize shot attempts.  Players can expect to shoot 200-400 shots per session.


Shooting – Introduction to proper shooting techniques.  To included Eyes on Target, Stance and balance, Set point, grip and follow through. BallHandling – Introduction to the 4 ‘C’s of Ball-handling and learning proper footwork.  Drills will include both stationary and in-motion.


Shooting – Further perfection of technique, introduction to off the dribble shooting and creating space. BallHandling – Continual improvement on the 4 ‘C’s of Ball handling.  Drills will be challenging with a  focus will be on developing 1-on-1 attacking abilities.  Finishing/Scoring Learning how to finish around the basket; floaters, runners, athletic finishes, left hand, right hand, scoop shots, etc. These finishing at the rim basketball drills are going to help you to work on all of these different types of finishes, and more.


Shooting – Advanced techniques in shooting focusing on ‘game speed’ shooting, creating space quickly and speed drills. Generally, High School and above.  BallHandling – Advanced ball handling drills that are designed to connect ball handling with scoring, both shooting and rim attacks.  While scoring will be apart of this course, ball handling will be the focus.  Finishing/Scoring Learning how to finish around the basket; floaters, runners, athletic finishes, left hand, right hand, scoop shots, etc. These finishing at the rim basketball drills are going to help you to work on all of these different types of finishes, and more.

Post Play – Intermediate/Advanced

Class is designed to teach players how to become a better post players. Understanding Footwork, Post Moves and Finishing Inside, Getting Open, Defense and Rebounding and proper communication.  Post players will also be taught the relationship between perimeter moves and post moves.

Scrimmage – Intermediate/Advanced

Coach controlled scrimmage.  Design to bridge training and game play.  Coaches look to reinforce skills and ideas learned in training in a game like setting.

Skill/Position Classes – Advanced

Classes that put emphasis on a specific skill, concept or position.