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The Gun Club

The Gun Club is apart of our Hoop School program.  We keep track of each individual shot attempts on the Shoot-a-way machine.  Member attempts will be tracked and upon reaching certain levels, glory will be bestowed upon them.  You can earn shots by joining Hoop School and participating in our gun club classes or reserving the machine.

  • 10,000 Shot Club – Special T-shirt Reserved Just for Gun club members
  • 50,000 Shot Club – Personalized Brick in Front of Gym entryway
  • 100,000 Shot Club – Banner that hangs in the gym






As of December 6, 2017
1Madison Sewell20333Bay Area Christian2022
2Keegan Spatz10916Mossman2026
3Ana Rodriguez10830Clear Creek2020
4Liam Withrow10319Friendswood2023
5Deshun Woodard10006Manvel2018
6Rileigh Hairston7308
7Brianna Boemio7005Clear Springs2020
8Dawson Pagel5209
9Alex Gomersall5073Friendswood2023
10Karina Smith49162026
11Ashlynn Patrick4527Pearland2022
12Adam Buffington4383Friendswood
13Abby Brown4037Friendswood2023
14Nadi'ya Shelby3934
15Presten Baumer3443Bay Area Christian2022
16Helene Careny3340Clear Creek2021
17Jackson Fiesinger3340Friendswood2023
18Gaven Mayfield3275Santa Fe2022
19Demri Ward2897
20Rebecca Turnball2817Friendswood202
21Braylen Shelby2789Friendswood2023
22Isabella Contreras2773Clear Creek2020
23Emma Robles2768Clear Springs2021
24Kade Griffith2280
25Ellie Jackson2248Creekside2022
26Colton Hoskins2230Friendswood
27Jacob May2181
28Ronin Passons19962025
29Brady Fiesinger1996Friendswood2025
30Kate Holt19642021
31McKenna Mangham1901Friendswood2023
32Katie Barajas1588
33Maddox Vige1521
34Peyton Pocheco1447
35Aiden Stokes1439Friendswood2023
36Kenna Gibson1432Creekside2022
37Zamari Reese1428Lake Olympia2024
38Kolby Davis14002022
39Paris Todaro1358Pearland2022
40Brennan Pagel1256
41Myklyn Newdom1211Friendswood2023
42Courtney Davis1209Lutheran South2021
43Berkley Auttonberry1186
44Dani Perdomo1111Manvel2020
45Victoria Elizondo1109
46Mariah Davis9882025
47Kendal Brown982Thompson2022
48De Yona Gaston873Pearland2020
49Reid Mikeska850Friendswood2023
50Maci Mangham790Friendswood
51Christina Colocado7242022
52Lauren Larue7072022
53Luke Hinchcliffe605Friendswood2025
54Dakota Watson5692023
55Dyllan Baker531Friendswood2025
56Macie IIlyes523Clear Creek2019
57Chandler Pacheco517
58Sarah Abebe514Friendswood2021
59Eden Abebe514Friendswood2020
60Nairobi Watson507Friendswood2019
61Chandler Caver4702025
62Bella McElwain467Friendswood2020
63Adrianna McElwain467Friendswood2021
64Dre Mancha450Alvin2019
65Paige Hessler405
66Brooklyn Watson3772023
67Barry Moore359
68Sean Krebs358
69Thomas Niles329
70Julien Barclay3232025
71Harrison Hillard315
72Gavin Hilliard315
73Andrew Moore315
74Ja'Dasia Sims313Manvel2022
75Carson Pogach300
76Illijah Johnson276
77Alyssa Berry275Westbrook2022
78Hayden McDaniel250
79Dillon Hall250Friendswood
80Emma MacIntosh206Clear Springs2020
81Ben Chapman186
82Leilani Noguera137Clear Lake2021
83Kayla Slaton135Friendswood2022