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2o19 List of Extra Mile Basketball Tournaments ... Read More

Gun Club Leaders

Below are the Top 10 Gun Club Leaders.  While there are several players closing in on that mark, (Gun Club leaders) Since the inception of Hoop School over 450,000 shots have been taken by members. Members get prizes, apparel and awards for reaching  Gun Glub goals of 10k, 50k and 100k. To be a Gun Club member, you can join Hoop School or ... Read More

Hoops Camp 2 Winners

HTX Gym's 2nd Summer Hoops camp was a great success as 30 participants learn a lot, ate pizza and were introduced to the classic film, Space Jam!!!         CAMPERS OF THE WEEK Amaya Gianneschi Hudson Faust HOTSHOT CHAMPIONS Chris Stein Cash Clark FREETHOW CHAMPIONS Nathan Burke Brody ... Read More